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Name/Age/Location::Matt/18/San Diego, Ca
We need atleast 5 pic::I don't have a camera.
Are you male or female:Male
At least 15 of your favorite bands::Judge, Bold, Youth of Today, Chain of Strength, Madball, Slapshot, Bane, Gorilla Biscuits, Cut the Shit, Throwdown, Carcass, Cattle Decapitation, Dag Nasty, Cro-Mags, xParty Crewx, Dillinger Escape Plan.
10 favorite movies::From Dusk Til Dawn, Pulp Fiction, Leatherface, Lovers of the Arctic Circle, Vanilla Sky, Mercury Rising, Rainman, Event Horizon, Wag the Dog, The Exorcist.
vegan/vegetarian::No, I love red meat.
straight edge::No, I love intoxication.
If not, what drugs::MGD, Boxed Wine, Pot, Cigarettes.
Dance or stand around::Kill
Do you like fashion::No, but I don't like looking like crap.
Everyone hates labels, but seriously, what are you?::Hardcore.
Do you play an instrument//if so which one::Guitar
Why do you think you should be accepted//why are you better than everyone else::Because I know I am cool shit. I am the smartest person I know. I have the best taste in music. I take zero shit from anyone.
If you had to live with one cd for the rest of your life, what would it be::Carcass-Reek of Putrefaction.
How do you feel about war::Should be used as a last resort.
Your stance on Government::People take all the comforts provided by our nation for granted, I am very grateful to live in the United States, but you wont see me singing along to Proud to be an American. I consider myself an expatriate.
Abortion::Pro-Choice. Rape.. It's the woman's body..etc.
Religion::Very interested in the topic.
How do you feel about the scenes these days::Too many teeny boppers, not enough mosh.
What are you going to do to change it::Support the bands I care about.
Best show you've been to::Lamb of God with Cattle Decap.
Describe your personality a little bit, chances are we don't make us interested in you::I've been told I'm "too cool to care," cynical, rude, stubborn, greedy, but always topped off with a "but you're so awesome!" Oh crap I just blew it.
Do you wear scarves::Never.
Are you able to be arrogant and mean without trying:I am brutal.

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