Chad Edge (oppositeofme) wrote in ill_fight_you,
Chad Edge



Bloodlined Calligraphy (Facedown Records)
Anah Aevia (Selah records)
Signs of Collapse (saw her ghost records)
A Vivid Betrayal (Final Show)
The Silhouette
For the Fallen Dreams
Burning Cities
And the sky went red (saw her ghost records)
The Nain Rouge
Throat Punch
And after the Fire
The Conqueror Worm
Drop the Gloves
and a special headlining guest...

Saturday June 19th @ The Wesley Foundation 1400 S.Washington Mt.Pleasent MI $5.00 at the door
show starts at 12 doors at 11:45

word on the streets is The Black Dahlia Murder(Metalblade Records) is headlining the show but you didnt hear that from me
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everyone go to that show and check out Drop The Gloves. theyre fucking amazing. one of the last true hardcore bands left in detroit.
shits disapointing that its called dumptruck fest and dumptruck isnt on the bill...thats what all about?
dump truck changed their name...but i cant remember to what.
just a random name because about everything has been was going to be Saginawfest but since it got moved i cant use it
you should still try to make it out take care
the heist is tomorrow. if i didnt have to work i'd be there instead sorry pally....

youre MI? you going to the detroit show on the 2nd? xtyrantx. i bruse looking at them.
haha yea ill be there,the heist sounds awesome right now.
but anyway maybe ill see you on the 2nd take care
you can count on that.