Demolition Lover (hiding_with_you) wrote in ill_fight_you,
Demolition Lover

Name/Age/Location:: Vanessa/15/WV
We need atleast 5 pic::

I think I was talking to someone.

 Me running.

Are you male or female: female
At least 15 of your favorite bands(no more, no less):: converge, stretch arm strong, throwdown, underOATH, premonitions of war, bleeding through, between the buried and me, as i lay dying, bane, count down to life, the daughters, fear before the march of flames, the bronx, evergreen terrace, and give up the ghost.
Favorite 10 favorite movies( more, no less):: Night at the Roxbury, Akira, Romeo & Juliet, Shawshank Redemption, Vampire Hunter D, SLC Punk, Rotten Fruit, Gummo, X, Evil Dead
vegan/vegetarian:: No, I love meat.
straight edge:: Yes, I just thought it was totally stupid to waste your life away in the world of alcohol and drugs. Both my parents and alcoholics and my dad is a drug dealer and I saw how they turned out. Exactly. Plus, I had a close friend of mine overdose.
If not, what drugs:: n / a
Dance or stand around:: I stand around. Most my guys friends are always like " Go dance! blah blah blah" etc. But yeah, can't say I haven't wanted to.
Do you like fashion:: Not really.
Everyone hates labels, but seriously, what are you?:: I guess you could say I'm hardcore.
Do you play an instrument//if so which one:: I am learning Bass, but the process is pretty slow.
Why do you think you should be accepted//why are you better than everyone else:: I think I should be accepted because I'm good at being an ass-hole. I am better than everyone else because people now days are fucking ridiculous. I hate the youth even though I am a part of it. Bitch I'll cut you up.
If you had to live with one cd for the rest of your life, what would it be:: that's a hard one. I would make a mix cd and if I couldn't do that then then probably Rituals of Life - Stretch Arm Strong.
How do you feel about war:: Can't say I'm for it, but I really can't say I'm against it either. I just kinda think that if someone wants to start with us we have every right to start back. Yeah I would rather it not be happening but I mean, the world would be dull if everyone were happy and in peace.
Your stance on Government:: I don't have much to say on government. I mean, yeah the probably hide everything they can from us but I mean, wouldn't you?
Abortion:: I think abortion is really a personal choice. I mean, I personally wouldn't do it but, some people literally may need to. If they don't want the child or know they can't support it, why have it? Some people say it is murder, how can it be murder when the child isn't even developed yet when they have the abortion. It is a personal choice. If we get rid of that choice woman will be finding more dangerous ways to get rid of their unborn.
Religion:: I think everyone is entitles to their own religion.
How do you feel about the scenes these days:: geez, our scene ssucks around here. All it is, are kids who think they are hardcore because they listen to As I Lay Dying or say they are sXe then go outside to smoke a cigarette. It's fucking stupid.
What are you going to do to change it:: I am going to be a total bitch to those kids, like I have been forever. I hope they all go hang themselves.
Best show you've been to:: Throwdown, Hatebreed, God Forbid and some shitty local bands. The only bands I really went to go see were Throwdown and Hatebreed. That show was fucking amazing. I will never forget.
Describe your personality a little bit, chances are we don't make us interested in you:: Well, I am very open-minded, so in other words if I don't like you, you will know. I'm hardly nice to new people who want to be my friend, but if they can prove they are worth my time then I guess I'll give them that. I am totally spontaneous and am up for anything. Yeah...I am a pretty exciting person.
Do you wear scarves:: no.
Are you able to be arrogant and mean without trying: yes

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