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Name/Age/Location:: Tymm/17/Troy, MI
We need atleast 5 pic::

Are you male or female:: male
15 of your favorite bands(no more, no less):: in my eyes, allegiance, the contender, lights out, traitorxxx, chain of strength, a day and a deathwish, face the enemy, chorus of disapproval, ten yard fight, righteous jams, no warning, de la soul, the roots, and wu-tang
Favorite 10 favorite movies( more, no less):: memento, what to do in case of fire, run lola run, deliverance, ninth gate, dangerous lives of alterboys, requiem for a dream, reds, mean machine, and lost in translation
vegan/vegetarian:: vegan
straight edge:: true till death
If not, what drugs:: none...not even caffeine bitches
Dance or stand around:: dance
Do you like fashion:: no
Everyone hates labels, but seriously, what are you?:: hiphop all star
Do you play an instrument//if so which one:: guitar, drums
Why do you think you should be accepted//why are you better than everyone else:: cuz i was already accepted once...and im better than pretty much everyone in here
If you had to live with one cd for the rest of your life, what would it be:: children of bodom - hatebreeder
How do you feel about war:: war. the fight for terrority, for religion. thousands of innocent people suffer and die. political leaders wage war to eliminate the "potential threat".....aka make a profit.
Your stance on Government:: necessary to maintain order. yes, the idea of anarchy is always apealing....everyone living together in perfect harmony with absolute peace....but its not realistic.
Abortion:: its a womans body and her choice...the government has no right to say what that woman can or cannot do.
Religion:: a false prophecy people try and find faith in and end up becoming disappointed by it at some point in their life. the idea of religion and a high being in general is just silly.
How do you feel about the scenes these days:: i hear lots of bad mouthing a hardcore scene. but in my opinion...there is nothing wrong with having a scene. its a good thing. it allows people with similar interests to meet and hang out and such. however...i am kind of getting sick of all the crew and toughguy bullshit.
What are you going to do to change it:: shit talk....shit talk as much as fucking possible
Best show you've been to:: let it die, coalition, allegiance, lights out, champion, comeback kid
Describe your personality a little bit, chances are we don't make us interested in you:: wait what is a personality? i think i might have lost mine.
Do you wear scarves:: i live in gets cold...yes...fuck you.
Are you able to be arrogant and mean without trying: nope...not at all
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ahhahahah just kidding hell yes!!
haha fuckin great

Deleted comment

are you kidding? never enough time and its on your hands are two of my fav albums of all time. i just didnt throw them on the list. have you heard the new YoungBlood band, OUR TURN? theyre fuckin amazing

Deleted comment

yeah ive only seen DM once. but it was amazing. yeah...our turn....awesome

Deleted comment

there is EVERY reason to say no! first of all...ya know...i like marvin gaye...not hardcore...psh damn. BUT...are you from MI?