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This world is fucked!

Name/Age/Location:: Marielle/19/Winnipeg, Manitoba
We need atleast 5 pic::

Are you male or female: Female.
At least 15 of your favorite bands(no more, no less)::
In no order...
Carry On, Minor Threat, 7 seconds, Death Threat, Desperate Measures, Madball, Blacklisted, Risky Business, The Bouncing Souls, Righteous Jams, Cro Mags, Slapshot, CBK, Silverchair and Saves The Day.
Favorite 10 favorite movies( more, no less):: Shawshank Redemption, Beauty And The Beast, Nepoleon Dynamite, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Beetlejuice, Back To The Future(the first two), Some Like It Hot, Rumble In The Bronx and Finding Nemo?
vegan/vegetarian:: Nope.
straight edge:: Nope.
If not, what drugs:: I smoke... trying to quit but its a lot harder than I thought. I drink sometimes but not ususally.
Dance or stand around:: Mosh.
Do you like fashion:: I am a girl. For the most part I dress like a boy but when I have to I can look like a girl.
Everyone hates labels, but seriously, what are you?:: Thats a good question. I'll have to think about this for a minute... I asked my friend and he said "japanese-core" or "jap-core". I really could not think of anything better than that. Doesn't mean I karate mosh though.
Do you play an instrument//if so which one:: Nope. Singings my thing.
Why do you think you should be accepted//why are you better than everyone else:: Theres a difference between thinking you're better than everyone else and having self confidence. A lot of people are stupid and naive. I sometimes let my common sense get in the way of how I perceive people. So all in all I'm not a retard and I don't start shit unless its called for.
If you had to live with one cd for the rest of your life, what would it be:: Oh man... I've been listening to Minor Threat from the begining so I guess I'd have to say their full discography.
How do you feel about war:: Obviously I think its lame. Sure it "solves" things but in the big picture too many people die for other peoples faults or self of pride. But as the Cro-Mags say "World peace can't be done! It just can't exist!"
Your stance on Government:: I'm not going to answer this because I don't know enough about the Canadian Government to have a "stance". Its better that I say nothing at all rather than looking like a rambling fool who doesn't know what they're talking about(a lot of people do that).
Abortion:: I'll be honest and say if the time wasn't right and I got pregnant I would get one. So many kids are born today by accident and their lives are just shitty and sure it could get better but in the end they're effect by what happens in their early life. Its all conditioning. If I had money to support myself and a baby then I wouldn't get one but at the moment if the mistake did happen I would get one.
Religion:: I think religion is a good thing for some people. I believe it was created to give people hope which is a good thing. Having hope could be the only thing you have. Although I don't believe in God. I don't think there is one person who created everything. Its all science and if people think that everything is created by man then they're fools. But again... its good to have hope.
How do you feel about the scenes these days:: Depends what scene you're talking about. If you're talking about the hardcore scene then I'd say its as strong as ever. There are so many kids coming out to shows, its awesome. Sure I don't like half the kids but hey, its not about who is at the shows, its about who is playing the shows. Winnipeg has been doing really great scene wise. A lot of good bands have been developing(other than Figure Four and Comeback Kid) and its improving all the time. I'm really glad to be apart of it.
What are you going to do to change it:: I myself don't have the time to help the scene out. I work full time but wish I had the time. From postering to doing shows. I'd do it all if only I had the time.
Best show you've been to:: Best local show I've been to was probably Dragnet, Modern Life Is War, Comeback Kid and Figure Four. So much fun. Best fest I've ever been to would be Posifest this summer. I got to see so many bands that I've been waiting so long to see.
Describe your personality a little bit, chances are we don't make us interested in you:: I'm pretty positive and fair about things. I don't act like an ass unless I have to. I respect people if they deserve it. I don't get offended easily so I end to drop N and F bombs a lot... hehe.
Do you wear scarves:: Heck yeah, you would too if you lived here. Cold as hell in the winter.
Are you able to be arrogant and mean without trying: No one was born arrogant or mean... so of course I'd have to try. I'm told I come off as mean but thats just my sarcastic charm.

thanks kids, that was great.

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