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..I'm a wishful thinker with the worst intentions.

Are you male or female: female
At least 15 of your favorite bands(no more, no less)::
x:: Something Corporate
x:: Taking Back Sunday
x:: Fall Out Boy
x:: Hawthorne Heights
x:: Alexisonfire
x:: My Chemical Romance
x:: From First To Last
x:: Brand New
x:: Anti-Flag
x:: Authority Zero
x:: Guns N Roses
x:: Mest
x:: AFI
x:: Matchbook Romance
x:: Yellowcard
Favorite 10 favorite movies( more, no less)::
x:: Grind
x:: Old School
x:: Napoleon Dynamite
x:: Love Actually
x:: Butterfly Effect
x:: Thirteen
x:: Bad Santa
x:: Drumline
x:: Austin Powers:: Goldmember
x:: Next Friday
vegan/vegetarian:: nope.
straight edge:: nope
If not, what drugs:: depends. not a lot really.
Dance or stand around:: stand around most likely..depends on my mood.
Do you like fashion:: my fashion
Everyone hates labels, but seriously, what are you?:: um..I'm kinda considered a skater/slut. yeah..people judge me lol.
Do you play an instrument//if so which one:: no I kinda want to learn drums though
Why do you think you should be accepted//why are you better than everyone else:: because this community looks cool..I guess Im not haha.
If you had to live with one cd for the rest of your life, what would it be:: AH!! NO. um.. Leaving Through The Window by Something Corporate
How do you feel about war:: It's alright if its during certain cercumstances.
Your stance on Government:: I'm not really sure.
Abortion:: against. sorry. haha
Religion:: christian
How do you feel about the scenes these days:: it seems everyone is trying to be something they arent..just what they want to be.
What are you going to do to change it:: nothing. people can do what they want, I'm still just gonna be me.
Best show you've been to:: Warped Tour 2004 in Tempe.
Describe your personality a little bit, chances are we don't make us interested in you:: hm.. I skateboard ((...or learning)) and I play basketball and love music and really want to learn a instrument but really dont have much time to.
Do you wear scarves:: nope..
Are you able to be arrogant and mean without trying: hm...not sure. sometimes I guess..if Im already annoyed at the person.

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